WebIAT 2

After a long while, I finally have a working version of WebIAT online. I originally developed this for some cool folks over at the UCLA Anderson School of Management: Geoff Ho and Margaret Shih, but they graciously agreed to open source the work so I can continue working on it.

The software manages and runs Implicit Association Tests. These experiments, pioneered by Anthony Greenwald, determine a person’s association between different paired categories. They could be many things, but commonly they have to do with positive/negative and some class of people potentially facing discrimination, like black/white or employed/unemployed.

The version here is an early alpha, but it is up and running here: http://iat.stephensearles.com/admin/. The current login available publicly is username: test password: test. This will change soon. Further, any data on the site could be wiped off as I continue to develop, so don’t put anything there you’re counting on. Other than that, let me know what you think! Play with the site, and if you like, tinker with the [source code here][2].

[2]: https://github.com/stephens2424/Web-IAT