caddy-hugo2: new blog software

I’m working on a plugin to caddy that hooks in hugo with a more tailored interface than its predecessor. The code is at: I wrote a bit about why I chose to do this on the blog it was originally meant for,, but I’m going to elaborate a little more here.

The thought process went roughly like this:

The requirements:

Okay, so what choices are available?

My thought process brought me about this far and I figured I’d give it a shot to link up hugo with a web WYSIWYG-ish markdown editor, contained in a new caddy plugin. It’s not just a good fit for our needs, either. I think this plugin bridges caddy and its goal of being a simple webserver for technical and non-technical people alike to publish on the web. It reduces the friction to getting accessible CMS features under a modern and automatic HTTPS server.

A few months and a few thousand miles later, me and my partner have been able to use it to host our Farm and Adventure blog. The project is coming along nicely. It’s got, so far:

I’m going to keep working on it, but the source is already available if anyone else wants to try it, hack on it, or just watch.